June 12, 1964: Unknown Rolling Stones booed in Minnesota

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Back on June, 12, 1964, when Keith Richards looked like this ...

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...decades before he looked like this...

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...the Rolling Stones played Minnesota.

Of course, everyone knows what has happened since then – the group spanned generations to become one of the biggest, greatest rock-n-roll bands in the world ... of all time.

But first – 50 years ago today – the mop-haired British quintet had to do a gig at Big Reggie's Danceland ballroom in Excelsior, Minnesota (max. capacity: 1,000).

And it did not go well. The crowd booed.

Some context:The British invasion had just begun in 1964; Beatlemania was sweeping the nation after several appearances by the Fab Four in February that year on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Back in Excelsior, the Beach Boys had played to a riotous crowd at Big Reggie's the week before.

But scarcely anyone had heard of the Rolling Stones, playing just their fourth U.S. show on that June day. The place was less than half full. Music fans weren't much willing to shell out $6 to see Richards, Mick Jagger and their mates, show attendee Gary Reins, 68, of Excelsior, told KARE 11.

"Like, 'Who are these Beatle wannabes?' or 'What are these guys?' But I thought they were great!"

Excelsior resident Nancy Olmsted told the Sun Sailor that the performance was nothing like other high-energy shows at the venue.

“Mick Jagger had straight-across front bangs … I don’t remember him dancing with the energy he’s now known for,” she told the publication.

Despite the crowd's indifference, the band's appearance in Minnesota did lead to one fabled encounter, KARE reports.

The late Jimmy Hutmaker, who died in 2007 at 75, told KARE's Allen Costantini in 1999 that he and Mick Jagger had chatted about a local drug store's lack of cherry Coke. Hutmaker says he told Jagger, "You can't always get what you want." Jagger has never confirmed whether that exchange was the seed for the future hit song, which includes reference to a drug store, a cherry soda, and Hutmaker's nickname "Mr. Jimmy."

Excelsior plans to celebrate its moment in rock history from 6-9 p.m. Thursday, with a performance in Bayside Park by cover band The Rolling Stoners. The $5 admission will benefit a food shelf.

Fifty years later, the band is still going strong. From their Asia tour this year:

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