Kanye West rejects Minneapolis man's kind fundraising efforts

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Selfless Jeremy Piatt leapt into action when Kanye West pleaded for help solving his $53 million debt problem, but has now been told to "Runaway" by the rap superstar.

The graphic designer created a GoFundMe page titled “Help Get Kanye Out of Debt" following the "Gold Digger" artist's Twitter plea to billionaire Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to pay off the money he owes.

But rather than being thankful to the benevolent benefactors who donated almost $7,000 to Piatt's (tongue-in-cheek) fundraising page, Kanye has rejected the money they raised for him.

Piatt wrote on the page Thursday that "Mr Kanye West's camp has declined the funds raised by this GoFundMe campaign," confirming what TMZ had reported earlier this week.

Fortunately, the money will be going to a worthier cause.

Anyone who donated to the campaign can request their money back should they wish, but whatever's left over will be going to Notes for Notes, a nonprofit organization which builds, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios.

The organization currently has 11 studios in various U.S. cities and is planning to open several more – including one in Minneapolis.

So while the donations aren't going to Kanye himself, with any luck it could help create the next music superstar.

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