Katie Poirier's kidnapping and murder will be featured on another TV show


A high-profile murder case will once again be highlighted on national television.

Katie Poirier was 19 when she was kidnapped while working the graveyard shift at a Moose Lake convenience store on May 26, 1999 – an abduction that was captured on grainy security footage from the store.

That video helped investigators identify their suspect – Donald Blom – and eventually convict him of strangling Poirier and then burning her body at a campsite near Alexandria.

How investigators used that surveillance video to track down and convict Blom will be detailed in the April 19 episode of Investigation Discovery's 13-part TV series "See No Evil". The episode, titled "Snatched on Camera", airs at at 9 p.m.

Among the people interviewed for the episode were Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler, law enforcement officials and Poirier's brother, the Duluth News Tribune says.

It's the fourth show to highlight the case, the Duluth News Tribune says. In 2013, the kidnapping and murder was featured on the 100th episode of "On The Case with Paula Zahn” on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

Poirier's case was also featured on "Extreme Forensics" in 2010, which detailed how investigators used imaging specialists and forensic dentistry using a single tooth to convict Blom.


Pertler told the Duluth News Tribune that he thinks TV shows continue to revisit Poirier's case because it was unique, as was the trial.

For a detailed background on the case, check out this 2013 story by the Bemidji Pioneer.

Blom is serving a life sentence at a maximum security prison in Pennsylvania. He’s a suspect in several unsolved murders and disappearances dating back decades.


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