KDWB's Ryan under fire from State Education Dept. over disparaging Twitter posts

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A Twitter post and several re-tweets by longtime KDWB-FM morning radio host Dave Ryan have angered the Minnesota Department of Education to the extent that they are pulling all public service announcements from the station, the Pioneer Press reports.

Ryan, the host of the station's "Dave Ryan in the Morning Show," tweeted Tuesday morning that he would make fun of listeners' schools online via Twitter.

The replies that Ryan re-tweeted made fun of several cities, high schools and state universities. The tweets from users included comments on drug and alcohol abuse, STDs and teen pregnancy.

Other re-tweets include knocks on intelligence and literacy, socioeconomic status and barbs about rival towns.

Department of Education commissioner Brenda Cassellius said in a statement that the agency -- which was working with Clear Channel Communications on a series of PSAs -- was ending the arrangement with KDWB.

Cassellius said she found it "troubling that anyone -- especially an adult -- would use social media or any platform to make light of serious issues facing young people or to perpetuate stereotypes."

"This is the kind of behavior that we teach our children is wrong," she said.

Ryan isn't commenting on the matter.

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