Key role cast in TV version of Midwest-set epic 'American Gods'


Fargo is firmly established as a TV staple and a Little House on the Prairie TV reboot is on its way, now it looks as though "American Gods" will be the next show to feature Minnesota on the small screen.

Ok, so the majority of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed novel is set in Wisconsin (where the British-born author lives) and Kansas, but Minnesota does make an appearance in his sprawling epic that traverses the Midwest.

Starz announced about 18 months ago it intended to make a "lavish TV adaptation" of the book, and Vanity Fair reports this week it took a key step by casting the lead role of Shadow Moon.

Moon will be played by Ricky Whittle, a British actor who is best known for starring in The CW's post-apocalyptic show "The 100."

DigitalSpy reports the show is expected to make its debut on Starz in January 2017.

Shadow is a hardened ex-bouncer who after release from prison becomes the bodyguard to Odin – one of the old Gods brought to the United States with the wave of Scandinavian immigration in the 1800s.

Along with the other old Gods, Shadow becomes embroiled in a war against the "new" Gods in America – those representing things like the media, television, internet, stock market etc.

A BookAddictsGuide has put together this map of the route taken by Shadow through the book, which includes a stop in Minneapolis on the way through the state. It also includes a key scene at "The House on the Rock" in Wisconsin.

CityPages reports that Gaiman, who is believed to live in the Menomonie area, has backed the casting of Whittle in the lead role.

"I’m thrilled that Ricky has been cast as Shadow...American Gods is, at its heart, a book about immigrants, and it seems perfectly appropriate that Shadow will, like so much else, be Coming to America," he said. "I’m delighted Ricky will get to embody Shadow. Now the fun starts."

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