You know those cute, artsy 'mouse doors'? Some dude is destroying them

This guy might need a more constructive hobby.

Remember those colorful, little "mouse doors" that have been capturing the hearts of people all around the world?

Well, some guy with a screwdriver and a hammer has been going around Minneapolis ripping them off for no apparent reason.

It all started when the weather warmed up and an anonymous guy who goes by Mows510 (pronounced like mouse) started putting up colorful mouse doors all around Minneapolis – just like he's done all over the world.

And while Mows' work isn't really legal – he doesn't get permission to put most of the doors up – a lot of people really love them. People have been decorating the little "doorsteps" and going out of their way to look for them.

But then on Wednesday, a new Instagram account called urstreetartsux popped up, showing an anonymous man destroying a lot of Mows' creations.

Mows told GoMN the guy – who he doesn't know – "left some rude comments" on Mows' account Wednesday morning, so Mows deleted and blocked him. Then the destruction started.

He also told GoMN he's never had anyone react this way toward his art, and he feels pretty bad about it. But that's not going to stop him from putting up more.

Mows fans have been expressing their concerns to the artist.

"So sad that some jerk is doing this-it's taking a simple happy moment from the people who would have noticed this," one fan wrote.

Urstreetartsux responds

GoMN reached out to urstreetartsux, who explained his side of the story.

Apparently he really has no issue with the mouse doors, he initially just wanted to take down a few "for laughs." But after all the angry comments (and some threats), "I almost feel an obligation to just troll these people," he said.

People have really been attacking him on Instagram. Pretty much all the comments are super NSFW ways of saying, "You're horrible, quit it!"

In addition to stirring the pot, urstreetartsux said he's taking a jab at hipsters who are changing the city – referencing the "little artsy fartsy doors" and newer breweries that are "shamelessly catering to this demographic." Note Mows has done plenty of doors at breweries – and in ways, breweries have been some of his biggest fans.

The guy's last reason for getting rid of the doors is that it's simply fair game. He says street art is illegal anyways, so drawing over graffiti or removing little doors isn't a big deal.

"That's just part of the game. You don't flip your lid over it, you just do more... And if you aren't prepared to deal with that reality, then maybe this isn't the medium best suited to you," he wrote.

According to Mows and the destroyer's Instagram, pretty much all doors in the North Loop area of Minneapolis have been broken or destroyed. Mows believes the guy is headed to northeast Minneapolis next, if anyone wants to find the guy and kindly encourage him to find a better hobby.

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