Video/Photos: Behind-the-scenes look at BMTN on air with Tom Barnard


BringMeTheNews launched a new live podcast venture Tuesday with Twin Cities radio giant Tom Barnard. Listen to the live podcast Monday through Thursday at 4 p.m. and past segments with BMTN here.

Barnard, one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in the nation, started his own podcast last year, and it already has more than 200,000 monthly downloads.

Now, the fast-growing podcast audience has one more reason to tune in: one of three BringMeTheNews anchors will co-host the first quarter of the show with news from around the state.

So what lured Barnard to BringMeTheNews? He explains in an interview with BMTN founder Rick Kupchella:

Barnard says the 4 p.m. live time slot is all about his entry into the drive-time radio marketplace. But with a podcast, he does it on his own terms:

The full hour (recorded) is available here.

BMTN's Kupchella, Don Shelby and Amy Hockert joined Barnard Tuesday to kick off the live premiere.

According to Barnard, he says the more people the better, because that's simply how he likes it:

Here's a further look behind the scenes:

The bottom line on all of this? Kupchella and Barnard agree ... at the end of the day, this join venture is really more than a mere podcast:

Here's the uncut Kupchella interview of Barnard:

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