Leave the swimming moose alone, Beltrami County officials say

The animal is attracting a lot of attention.


Beltrami County Emergency Management posted the unusual alert to Facebook Saturday morning. 

The post explained that a large moose has been taking a swim in Lake Bemidji and attracting a bunch of unnecessary attention. 

"If you are in the area do not impede traffic and observe safely," officials warn.

They say it's especially important to keep away if the animal comes to shore because moose behavior can be pretty unpredictable and potentially dangerous. 

Some people snapped photos and video of the animal from afar, and it's quite the sight. 

The Lake Bemidji Bed & Breakfast Facebook page has some more good shots here

It's mating season

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, moose aren't usually aggressive. But there are exceptions – like if a cow feels her calf is in danger, or a bull is in rut.

And it's rutting season (aka mating season).

Officials say moose mating season is from mid-September to mid-October. So you really want to leave those 1,000-pound animals alone. 

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