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Legendary MN craft beer maker named 'Most Underrated Brewery' of 2017

It's pretty popular, but still underrated according to one expert author.

One of Minnesota's most popular breweries is apparently also the most underrated beer maker in the country, according to Stan Hieronymus, author of 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die.

On Tuesday, Summit Brewing tweeted an announcement that they had been picked as "2017's Most Underrated Brewery":

The honor is part of Hieronymus' "Best of 2017" list for Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. 

For you Summit fans, this might seem a little odd, as the St. Paul brewer has been pretty popular since 1986. On top of that, it's Minnesota's second-largest brewer, the 26th largest craft brewery in the U.S., and has its beers available in five states. 

For his part, Hieronymus seems aware of the irony of calling such a successful brewery "underrated." His blurb acknowledges that Summit has been around for a long time.

He also has this to say about the company: "It has become a backhanded compliment to call their beers flawless, while overlooking abundant flavor delivered with finesse."

Huh. Maybe it'll make more sense when the issue the list appears in actually hits the stands.

According to Summit spokesman Brendan Kennealy, the "Best of 2017" awards will be in an upcoming issue that "isn't online yet."

There doesn't seem to be a precise publication date for the print version yet. 

October has been a busy month for Summit. A couple weeks ago, they mysteriously started a major beer hall expansion at their popular St. Paul taproom. They haven't given many details yet, so no word on when it'll be done. 

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