Let's all laugh at Texas' reaction to a bit of snow

A few inches fall and everyone goes berserk.
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An inch of snow in Minnesota is a trifling matter. 

In Texas it causes everyone to lose their minds.

Only a couple of inches fell overnight, but that didn't stop a number of school districts there from declaring snow days, as 12News reports.

Meanwhile in Austin, police were asking drivers to remain off the roads completely if possible, following several crashes overnight.

Salting crews scrambled to treat icy roads, overpasses and bridges, according to the Statesman.

And more than 50 flights arriving or departing at Austin airport were canceled or delayed.

Things stayed a little weather-freaky Friday morning, with "thundersnow" and 100 percent humidity in the forecast.

Even so, by Minnesotan standards, the reaction is waaaaay over the top.

But let's be fair to the Lone Star State: it doesn't see snow that often, so it's understandable people are excited.

Here are some examples of residents enjoying themselves – including Houston Texans hero JJ Watt, who's probably seeing snow at his home for the first time since he left Wisconsin.

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