Let's face it: Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is pretty great

The airport has won yet another accolade.

It's common for travelers to gripe about airports, which is why Minnesotans should be thankful they've got MSP Airport.

So it's not perfect. There was the whole new security line debacle in early 2016, it takes an age to get to the taxi pickup, and Terminal 2 is nowhere near as fun as Terminal 1.

But compare it to Newark Liberty (in this writer's opinion, hell on Earth), Chicago O'Hare, or LaGuardia in New York, MSP is an absolute breeze.

The latest evidence came on Thursday, when English firm OAG ranked Minneapolis-St. Paul as the best major airport in the world for on-time flights.

It had an on-time percentage of an impressive 85.7 percent, which counts as any flight that arrives or departs within 15 minutes of when it's scheduled. 

This may not be surprising considering it's a major hub for Delta, which ranks as the 2nd best airline for on-time flights (behind Hawaiian).

Nonetheless it adds to the growing weight of evidence that shows MSP is a pretty damn good airport.

Here's a look at some of the plaudits it's received in recent years:

2016 Air Quality Service Awards: Named best airport of its size in North America.

2017 Airports Security International survey: Best customer satisfaction for airport with 25-40M passengers in North America.

2017 Travel & Leisure World's Best Awards: Top 10 airport in North America.

Cintas "King of the Throne" Award: Best public bathroom in America.

All of these awards were won before the airport embarked upon efforts to improve Terminal 1 even further, particularly its food and shopping selection.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission in fall approved a plan to boost dining options in concourses C, D and E as well as the main mall, which brings local eateries including Hi-Lo Diner, Red Cow and the Salty Tart to the terminal.

So not only is it already great, it's going to get even better.

Long may it stay that way.

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