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Letterman compares Rochester to Las Vegas on 'Late Show'


David Letterman made an interesting observation about Rochester on his CBS talk show Tuesday night.

Rochester Post-Bulletin Managing Editor Jay Furst said in his Furst Draft blog Wednesday that the TV talker compared the southern Minnesota city to Sin City on the "Late Show with David Letterman."

"I've been to Rochester ... we've all been to Rochester ... Mayo Clinic is there ... it's like, you drive down the main street of Rochester, it's like Las Vegas ... one giant hotel after another," Letterman said. "There must be two dozen giant hotels in Rochester, Minn. It's like an outpatient deal ... all they need is casino gambling."

Furst thought Letterman's comparison was somewhat off.

"This may be the first time in television history that Rochester has been compared with Las Vegas. And I'm not sure where the two dozen giant hotels are, though the casino gambling is only 60 miles away," Furst wrote.

The Rochester reference was made during banter between Letterman and his band leader, Paul Shaffer, during the show's "Small Town News" segment (you can see it here beginning at 17:25). Letterman's comments came as he showed a classified ad from the Post-Bulletin about a lost-and-found item: A stainless steel roaster, with roast -- found at 21st and Northern Heights Drive.

And that wasn't the only Minnesota reference Letterman made. He also showed a police blotter item from the Brainerd Dispatch about a report of "smoke being observed coming out a chimney."

Last fall, Sen. Al Franken enlisted the help of Letterman for a Minnesota Business Partnership dinner.

The Star Tribune says Letterman appeared via video to deliver the Top 10 "Least Successful Minnesota Businesses." The list, of course, is a nightly staple of Letterman's "Late Show."

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