Letterman jokes with special Top 10 list for 'Least Successful Minnesota Businesses'

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Sen. Al Franken enlisted the help of a top comedy pal Monday night for some fun at the Minnesota Business Partnership dinner, the Star Tribune reports.

Appearing by video at the event, longtime late-night talk show host David Letterman offered a special version of his "Top 10" list -- this time keying in on the "Least Successful Minnesota Businesses."

Among the entries on the list were "Ventura's Secret," "Land-O-Lactose" and "Prince's Awkwardly Shaped Guitar Center."

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal pointed out in its headline that the Vikings didn't make the list -- an obvious shot at the team's 0-3 start.

The "Top 10" list, of course, is a nightly staple on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS, and the TV talker reportedly had some fun after Franken offered his own Top 10 list of highlights of the last legislative session.

Letterman threatened to sue the group for "stealing" his trademarked list, calling them "thieving bastards."

Letterman's Top 10 Least Successful Minnesota Businesses list, as follows:

10. 2M

9. Ventura’s Secret

8. Whore-mel

7. Land-O-Lactose

6. The law firm of Olson, Carlson, Gustafson, Jensen, Peterson, Petersen, Pederson and Schwartz.

5. Strip Mall of America

4. Buffalo Mild-Mannered Wings

3. Second Best Buy

2. Prince’s Awkwardly Shaped Guitar Center

1. Charlie Weaver’s House of Toast (Weaver is the executive director of the Minnesota Business Partnership)

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