Lights, camera, Duluth: Movie wraps 3 weeks of shooting


After nearly three weeks of shooting in locations in and around Duluth, an independent film crew is returning to Los Angeles to put the finishing touches on a movie that is being termed an eco-thriller.

The Northlands News Center said the original film, called Strange Nature, is based on the deformed frog phenomenon that was first noted in Minnesota in the early 1990s.

The filmmakers used locations around the Duluth area, including the public access TV station, the office of Mayor Don Ness, and Thompson Hill on the city's Skyline Parkway. Scenes were also filmed at Uncle Loui's Cafe in downtown Duluth.

Before shooting began, writer-director and Duluth native Jim Ojala did a Skype interview with WDIO-TV to promote local casting for the movie.

According to the Strange Nature website, character actor Stephen Tobolowsky plays the mayor. Tobolowsky played annoying insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in the classic movie Groundhog Day and more recently has had a recurring role on the Fox TV show Glee.

Ojala said the post-production and editing should be done by January and the film will be submitted for viewing at film festivals in 2015.

Prior to shooting, Ojala was interviewed by the Duluth public access station.

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