Like a Rolling Stone: Magazine crowns Dylan greatest songwriter of all time


Minnesota's produced a lot of things in its 150 years or so of statehood; globally recognized companies, a major chunk of America's crops – and, according to one source, the greatest songwriter of all time.

Legendary folk-rocker Bob Dylan, whose songs include "Blowin' in the Wind" and "The Times They Are A-Changin'," is at the the very top of a new list – Rolling Stone's 100 Great Songwriters of All Time.

The magazine called Dylan's brand of American pop music "transformative," saying that his understanding of American history helped him "rewire" folk music into ballads that both captured the 1960s "and became lasting standards."

Indeed, Bob Dylan is known as the most frequently covered songwriter of modern times, the Independent wrote in 2011. Artists that have played his tunes range from Stevie Wonder to Guns N' Roses.

No musician, Rolling Stone adds, has had "greater impact" on pop music than Dylan.

The singer-songwriter was born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth in 1941, and soon moved with his family to Hibbing, where he was raised.

And he's not alone...

Minnesota's musical contributions don't stop at Dylan. Also included in Rolling Stone's list is the Purple One himself, Prince, whom the publication ranked 18th.

The iconic Prince, meanwhile, ranked 18th, with Rolling Stone describing his talents – which include a mastery of multiple instruments, and serious chops as a producer and arranger – as "peerless."

And there's Paul Westerberg, leader of the Minneapolis alt-rock band the Replacements, who comes it at 92 overall.

The magazine called him the "American punk-rock poet laureate of the Eighties."

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