Listen to Lizzo rap about losing her phone on her new single 'Phone'

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If you're thinking Lizzo has made it and her normal people problems are over, you'd be wrong.

Yes, the former Minneapolis diva moved out to Los Angeles, she just got done hosting the VMAs, and now she's got her own MTV show called "Wonderland."

But, it turns out, she's just like the rest of us. After a few drinks, she's still prone to losing her cell.

On her infectious, bass-slapping new single "Phone," Lizzo weaves a familiar tale of giving a club creep the stiff arm on the way to the dance floor and misplacing her device along the way.

The new joint will appear on Lizzo's upcoming EP (and Atlantic debut) "Coconut Oil," which is slated for release Oct. 7.

Here's the track list:

  1. "Worship"
  2.  "Phone"
  3. "Scuse Me"
  4. "Deep"
  5. "Good as Hell"
  6. "Coconut Oil"

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