Listen to new Bon Iver with other Bon Iver fans tonight. We think.


Bon Iver is teasing an event in Minneapolis for Thursday night. But don't expect Wisconsin native Justin Vernon himself, or any of his bandmates, to be there.

They band posted this to Twitter late Wednesday:

Suggesting ... something is happening at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, in Minneapolis' Uptown neighborhood. Your first thought might be, "Surprise concert?" But it's probably not that.

The band posted the same thing for different cities around the world, for the same day and at or near the same time. Including Brooklyn, Mexico City, Paris and Amsterdam. And of course, the band is made of human people, so they can't be in multiple cities at the same time.

Even more evidence: There was a similarly unexplained event in Eau Claire Wednesday:

And as WEAU reports, that ended up being kind of a listening party thing for Bon Iver's about-to-be-released album, "22, a Million." The album comes out Friday, and has gotten good early reviews. And if you want to give it a listen Friday, here's Bon Iver's Spotify page.

There were also some giveaways at the Eau Claire event, including art album newspapers and memorabilia. Here's a Reddit thread from someone who went.

Bon Iver meanwhile did hold a surprise performance – in Berlin Wednesday, Stereogum says.

So long story short: Don't expect to see Bon Iver in Minneapolis Thursday night, but you can get some swag and listen to the new album with other Bon Iver fans. We think.

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