Live from New York: Miley Cyrus spoofs Michele Bachmann on SNL

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“Saturday Night Live” took a shot at Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann with a musical skit about the partial shutdown of the federal government, featuring guest host Miley Cyrus.

The New York Daily News called the portrayal "sexed-up." Dressed in a dark suit and wig, Cyrus, as the Republican Congresswoman, danced with cast member Taran Killem, who impersonated House Speaker John Boehner. The Gotham tabloid reported that the musical parody "...depicted both politicians as...gloating over bringing the government to a halt."

Appearing Sunday morning on WCCO-TV, political science professor Larry Jacobs said the skit, as satire, achieved its objective to be outrageous.

"President Obama and the Democrats have also gotten hurt by this shutdown. You see their negatives starting to rise. (But) Republicans are getting hit much harder and this kind of satire hits them exactly where the leadership worried most when they went on this journey,” Jacobs said.

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