Local critics disappointed in 'Rings' prequel 'The Hobbit'

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Nine years after the conclusion of "The Lord of the Rings" franchise with "The Return of the King," the inhabitants of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth have returned with "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" -- and local critics aren't impressed.

Colin Covert of the Star Tribune calls the film -- the first of three "Lord of the Rings" prequel films -- an 'epic fail' in his headline; and laments that while it "is not the worst film of the year, but it may be the most disappointing."

Here's my take on the film on KARE 11 News at 11.

Chris Hewitt appears to like the film a little bit better in his two-star Pioneer Press review, but points out that the film is uneventful in the first two of its three-hour running time.

He also remarked that "The Hobbit" is about "drawing things out as much as possible to make a snack-size story feel like a meal."

Minnesota Public Radio's Euan Kerr and Stephanie Curtis were also left unimpressed by the film. Kerr says the film was "too long" and Curtis says it "felt childish."

See the trailer for "The Hobbit" below.

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