Soon you can own that cool Science Museum of Minnesota sweater in 'Stranger Things 2'

Look who's repping Minnesota in style, and soon you can too.

We haven't gotten the chance to start bingeing Stranger Things 2 yet, because work. But Reddit has tipped us off to a very important (and not at all spoilerific, so don't worry) development:


User TrueBlueMN spotted a shout-out to the Science Museum of Minnesota on Dustin's sweater in one of the episodes.

We very carefully skipped through the season two premiere and spotted another appearance as well (and it's clearly a different scene from the one TrueBlueMN found, so Minnesota is in at least two scenes.)

Here's some GIF evidence we captured. And again, no spoilers here beyond the sweater Dustin wears.

Have we made it? Because it kind of feels like we made it.

The Science Museum is excited too.

Saturday morning the Science Museum announced it'd be bringing back the retro swag. If you want to be among the first to know when it's available, you can sign up for the museum's email list.

Stranger Things is one of the shows that led millennials to say Netflix has the best original content. (Even if the show eventually lost out to The Handmaid's Tale for the best drama Emmy.)

Also, Netflix knows you like to visit Hawkins, Indiana, at night.

Stranger Things 2 hit Netflix at midnight Friday. So there are your weekend plans.

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