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Look at the 67 new emojis that could be coming in 2018

These are for iOS, Android, and every other platform. (Spoiler: There's a frowning poo.)

There are a lot of emojis to choose from. But as Minnesotans, we've been lacking one that is integral to life here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Not , that's covered already.

We're talking about an animal we've all dealt with. And good news – it could be on its way to our phones next year:

That's right. A mother flipping mosquito.

The unofficial state animal of Minnesota is one of 67 possible new emojis that made it through an early round of reviews this week.

You can see the entire list here, along with mock-ups of what they could look like.

Some are hilarious, like this unhappy poo – the sad partner of .

This llama seems fun:

We think the brick wall has real potential:

And then you've got ones like an abacus. Which ... sure! The more the merrier:

Emojipedia also notes red hair is in consideration, and could be used on different people emojis the same way other hair colors and skin tones are.

These 67 emojis are not all definitely going to exist. This is just the first round of a monthslong process where suggestions are whittled down, until a final list of new emojis is officially approved.

Here's the document showing the list:

When will I get to use these new emojis?

Mid-2018 at the earliest.

This is a long process. People submit suggestions to a group called the Unicode Consortium – possibly the stuffiest name imaginable for an organization in charge of picking tiny colorful cartoon images.

The group comes up with a draft list (the 67 we have now), then a final candidate list (expected later in 2017), before deciding the final new emojis in early 2018.

Once that happens, phone providers/operating systems/browsers have to create their own version of what that emoji will look like. That's why they're confusingly different sometimes. And then those designs have to get rolled out to everyone.

So for example, the 69 new emojis for 2017 were approved back in March ... but still haven't been released on most devices . (Apple has promised them by the end of 2017, Emojipedia reported.)

In the meantime, for the ones that have you .

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