Looking for Beyonce's new album? You won't find it at Target


Those waiting for a physical copy of Beyonce's new album to hit shelves this week won't find it at Target.

The Minneapolis-based retailer says it won't sell the pop star's "surprise" self-titled album because of its exclusivity on iTunes during the first week of sales.

"At Target we focus on offering our guests a wide assortment of physical CDs, and when a new album is available digitally before it is available physically, it impacts demand and sales projections," Target spokesperson Erica Julkowski told Billboard.

Fourteen brand new tracks and 17 videos were unexpectedly released at midnight EST last Thursday on iTunes without any pre-release announcement or advertising. More than 600,000 copies were sold nationwide in the first three days.

The physical copies, which should be available at retailers by Friday, won't include any additional bonus or exclusive content, according to the magazine.

Target might be feeling a little snubbed after developing a relationship with Beyonce, who gave Target an exclusive version of her last album "4" in 2011 that came with six additional tracks.

Beyonce fans seemed surprised by Target's decision to not carry the album and were poking fun at the retailer on Twitter Tuesday.

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