Looking forward to playing iPhone Mario while on the toilet? That'll be $10 please

You can get a sampling of the game for free. The whole thing though will cost a bit.
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You'll soon get to play Nintendo's new Super Mario Bros. game on your phone ... but it won't be free.

They're calling it Super Mario Run and you can buy it in the App Store starting Dec. 15 for iPhone and iPad. Samples of the three modes in the game are free, but it'll be $9.99 if you want access to the entire game for when you're on the toilet or stuck on the bus and need something to do.

Since it was designed specifically for your phone or tablet, the game plays differently than the original. In this one, Mario runs automatically and a tap of your finger serves as the jumping function – replacing the A button. No arrow keys needed.

The guy who created the classic game, Shigeru Miyamoto, told Time Magazine they were focused on creating a version of the game that can be played with one hand.

This isn't the only mobile-focused product to come out of the Nintendo world. In fact, the video game company recently announced "Switch," a console that comes with a tablet-like thing with swappable button/stick combinations.

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