Lots of gaming (and free Red bull) at the Gamer's Rhapsody convention

Last year's talent show winner at the convention played an ocarina in a Ninja suit and did a back flip on stage.
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If you're looking for something to do this weekend, a video game convention is coming to the Twin Cities.

Gamer's Rhapsody celebrates the music, art, and development of video games, according to the website. The event will feature performances of video game music, talks from special guests, and of course, lots of games to play.

This is the third year of the convention – it's Nov. 18-20 at the Doubletree Park Place in St. Louis Park.

Tickets start at $35 online, and you can buy them here.

What to expect

Gamers can compete head-to-head in several tournaments, playing games like Tetris and Super Smash Bros. And an area called "Geek Land" will offer space for casual play.

Other events include a video game talent show, (last year's winner played an ocarina in a Ninja suit and did a back flip on stage), and the very first youth strings clinic with Nick Gaudette, a music teacher at Edina High School. Gaudette will lead a 2-hour session where students will read, rehearse, and perform a piece of video game music.

There's also a Midwest Gamejam where developers, composers, and artists will have 24 hours to create a game. And a Speedrun Marathon for charity.

Special guests include Jeron Moore, the creator of Symphony of the Goddesses and Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions, and Eric Buchholz, creator of ZREO, Twilight Symphony, and Radio Hyrule.

And the convention will have a 24-hour Jam Cafe with a guitar and a piano – people are encouraged to bring their own instruments and jam with other musicians at the event.

As an added bonus, anyone attending can grab free Red Bull at the Jam Cafe at any time.

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