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Louie Anderson returns to 'Splash' after Webb defaults, but exits show again


Minnesota comedian Louie Anderson had a second chance to make a "Splash" on ABC's celebrity diving competition Tuesday night after being eliminated from the show the week before.

The St. Paul native was booted from the show last week after having the lowest score among his competitors.

However, since former Miss Alabama and social media sensation Katherine Webb had to pull out the competition after suffering pain after a bad landing last week, Anderson was brought back in.

Following his backflip from a 16-foot platform last week, Anderson on Tuesday went in feet first from the 10-meter platform, 33 feet in the air.

Anderson, 60, became emotional during the replay of the dive, saying, "That is amazing. That is the bravest thing I ever did."

The acclaimed funnyman scored an average of 7.25 from the judges, and at the end of the night, he was tied for the second lowest score with his former diving partner, basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

After coming up short in the audience vote against Abdul-Jabbar, Anderson was named to participate in dive-off against low scorer Brandi Chastain to see who would remain on the show.

Saying he didn't have a chance to win the competition, Anderson deferred to the soccer star and gracefully exited the "Splash" again.

See Tuesday night's episode in its entirety here.

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