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Louis C.K. announces surprise show to help MN comedy club


If you can't make it to Louis C.K.'s show at Target Center on Tuesday night, there's some good news ... and some bad news.

First, the good: He's announced a surprise show later that night. It'll be at Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis. All the proceeds will go to help the comedy club, which is struggling to stay open.

Now, the bad news: If you haven't already gotten tickets, you're too late. It's already sold out.

Louis' first show of the night is at Target center, and it starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are mostly sold out for that one too, so if you're hoping to go with friends, don't plan to sit together. You'll mostly be left with some random single seats scattered throughout the venue.

And they're going for $50 each. To try your luck finding a spot, click here.

The Acme show is set to start at 10 p.m. and tickets are significantly cheaper for a more personal experience – $25 each.

So if you scored some while they were still available, consider yourself lucky.

The Star Tribune and Comic's Comic say the comedian announced the special show after he found out construction is posing a big problem for Acme, and could ultimately end up shutting down the club.

Plans for a new apartment complex in the area would eliminate more than a hundred parking spots nearby, and ultimately force out Acme.

The Comic's Comic says Louis C.K. heard about the struggles and wanted to help by hosting a surprise show and giving all the money back to the club.

Louis has spoken highly of the club before.

As Vita.mn says, the comedian once send out an email to fans, noting some "legendary" clubs. Acme was one of them.

"When you could get a week at Acme, you know you could continue having the will to do this (stuff) for another few months," he wrote.

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