Luxury movie theater is opening soon at Mall of America – but who would pay $25 to see a film?

That's the ask of CMX Cinemas, which is opening a new luxury theater at MOA.

It's been more than a year since the movie theater at the Mall of America closed, but it won't be long until its replacement opens.

CMX Cinemas at the Mall of America is predicted to open its doors either in February or March, and on Tuesday announced plans to hire for 150 positions, the Star Tribune reports.

CMX is a fledgling movie chain that offers a luxury experience for viewers, making radical changes to the MOA theater space. Gourmet food and cocktails will be on offer to customers, who will watch laser-projected flicks from recliner seats complete with USB ports and storage for purses.

It's slashing seat numbers from 2,200 to a little over 1,100, giving each viewer more space to spread out.

But in exchange for this luxury experience, CMX is expecting customers to shell out $25-$27 for a movie ticket.

Seriously, would you spend that much to watch a movie?

GoMN's Tip Jar feature took a look last year at places to get cheap movie tickets and found that many theaters showing the latest releases will charge $7-$10 for a regular, adult ticket.


– The Tip Jar: Best places to catch a cheap movie in the Twin Cities

You could watch three movies at some Twin Cities movie theaters for the price of one at the CMX.

Will it succeed?

This comes at a time when the movie industry just suffered its worst year for ticket sales in over two decades, as the explosion of interest in streaming services and the rise in quality of TV content is seeing people increasingly choose to watch from the comfort of their own homes.

That's not to say there isn't huge interest in going to the movies. The growth in subscriptions to MoviePass (which just hit 1.5 million signups) shows there remains an appetite for the cinema experience.

But MoviePass is proving a success because it's cheap – allowing subscribers to buy up to one ticket every day in exchange for $9.95 a month (and it's losing a boatload of money as a result, as Variety notes).

But CMX is betting on a return to going to the movies as an event, believing people are willing to spend more for a high-end experience that is lacking in other theaters.

Seeing as CMX only opened its first theater in September, in Miami, time will tell whether its gamble is a good one. 

Minnesota will find out too, not just at the Mall of America, but also in Burnsville and Rochester where CMX now operates theaters.

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