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Mall of America really wants you to wear a party hat on Friday

MOA needs help breaking a world record.

Most 25th birthday parties involve ... well, let's be honest, probably more than a few drinks.

But this weekend in Bloomington, there's a party – a big one – where the main activity is breaking two official Guinness World Records, and you're invited to help make it happen. 

We're talking about the Mall of America, which has been celebrating 25 years in business for the past 25 weeks (with events like a Boyz II Men concert). The megamall announced it's capping it all off with a huge bash on Friday, Aug. 11, which is its actual "birthday."

As part of the festivities, they're hoping to break the world record for "most conical birthday hats worn," and another for "the most cupcakes decorated at one time." 

There's plenty in it for those who participate, including a chance to eat part of a birthday cake specially designed by Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss (whose shop is coming to the mall), live music, and prize giveaways. 

So what will it take to beat those records?

Good question, and the simple answer is, we're not really sure. 

We checked out the Guinness website, and while they do have an entry for the "conical hat" record, there's no information in it, suggesting it hasn't been attempted yet. 

No entry exists for the cupcake one, and the mall doesn't say how many they'll need to decorate to get into Guinness' next book. 

But considering the mall has about 5.6 million square feet, it should probably have enough room to hold the necessary amount of people. 

The record attempt begins at 1 p.m. on Friday. 

In the meantime, check out this video of our coworkers trying their best to correctly answer some Mall of America trivia.

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