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'Mallrats' director Kevin Smith suffers massive heart attack

If he hadn't canceled a show to go to the hospital, he would've died.

The director who immortalized Eden Prairie mall in his movie "Mallrats" is recovering from a heart attack that he said could have killed him.

Kevin Smith tweeted from his hospital bed that he suffered a "massive heart attack" after the first of two standup shows on Sunday evening.

He decided to cancel the second show and go to the hospital, which it turns out saved his life as he had a blockage often referred to as the "widow-maker."

Smith of course has a place in Minnesota history after choosing to shoot his 1995 movie "Mallrats," starring Jason Lee, Jeremy London, Shannen Doherty and Ben Affleck, in Eden Prairie.

It was only a few months ago that the "Dogma" and "Clerks" director returned to the Eden Prairie Mall on a nostalgia trip, streaming his visit on Facebook Live.

A "Mallrats" sequel at one point looked like a possibility, albeit Smith had planned to film it in Pennsylvania and has since put it on the back-burner.

Now in recovery mode, here's hoping Smith is up and stink-palming people again in no time.

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