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Man dressed as Santa drops $1,000 in dollar bills from Mall of America balcony

Video captured the cash giveaway at the megamall on Saturday.

"It's better to give than to receive. Let's spread some love this Christmas."

Those are the words of Tyler Ketz, spoken just moments before he threw $1,000 in $1 bills from the top floor of the Mall of America on Saturday.

The bills floated down to the lower levels, with unsuspecting shoppers suddenly scrambling to pick them up.

The cash drop was recorded and uploaded to Facebook, showing Ketz, dressed as Santa Claus, revealing a wad of notes from a plastic bag before spreading the Christmas cheer.

Explaining his reasons for the giveaway, he told FOX 9 he'd just become a father for the first time and recently won $6,000 in a slot machine, and had intended on spending some of that on a big-screen TV.

"I thought, Is there something better I can do with this money?" he said. "What else can I do with this? Why is it burning a hole in my pocket?"

The Mall of America was less impressed with his stunt however, with security escorting him from the premises and banning him for 24 hours.

In a statement sent to GoMN, the MOA said it "welcomes acts of kindness every day – especially during the holiday season," but adds that the incident crated an "unsafe environment" for guests.

Some of the shoppers on lower levels, the mall says, started to reach over the railings to grab the money, putting them at risk of falling.

It's not the first time the mall has had to deal with something like this.

Four years ago, 29-year-old Serge Vorobyov, of Apple Valley, threw at least $1,000 from the top floor as a "pay it forward" stunt after losing his business and going through a divorce – apparently the first time it had ever happened at the mall, the AP reported.

He invited his ex-wife along to watch him, but she didn't turn up, and he ended up getting banned from the mall for a year, as the Telegraph Herald reports.

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