Management cancels more Minn. Orchestra concerts; orders financial analysis


More Minnesota Orchestra concerts have been canceled, followed by word that management has ordered an independent review of the orchestra's finances, the Pioneer Press reports.

Concerts have now been canceled through May 12. The orchestra's musicians have been locked out since Oct. 1.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that the musicians are balking at management's plans of doing an independent review, claiming they first asked for a joint analysis of the orchestra's finances last August.

According to MPR, the musicians said they needed the information to make an informed counter proposal to the management's contract offer in April 2012. Management reportedly refused the request, noting that their annual audits of the orchestra would be sufficient.

Management is frustrated by the musician's stance and claims the union is trying to "derail" the process, the Pioneer Press reports.

"Publicly, the musicians say that they don't trust the orchestra's audited financials and need further verification of our financial position," orchestra board chair Jon Campbell in a statement. "Privately, their actions indicate that the last thing they want is a new study that is bound to verify our $6 million deficit."

The latest setback for the Minnesota Orchestra comes a week after management and the musicians of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra reached a tentative agreement to end a six-month-long lockout.

Despite their tentative deal, the SPCO was forced to cancel more concerts so there won't be any performances through May 5.

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