Target on the 'Game of Thrones' Bethesda game page: 'This is not a real product'

People were getting excited about a ‘GoT’ game from the ‘Elder Scrolls’ developers.

Target says it is not prepping its website for an unannounced Game of Thrones video game, despite a URL link that had fans buzzing.

As first posted by a NeoGaf user, a URL on titled “Bethesda: Game of Thrones” was spotted over the weekend. The page doesn’t specify it’s a video game, but Bethesda is the studio behind games like Doom, Fallout, Dishonored … and the open-world fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls, which certainly seems like it would translate well to Westeros.

But don’t get your hopes up, Thrones fans.

Lee Henderson, a spokesperson for Target, told GoMN the URL is not a placeholder for an upcoming game from Bethesda.

“There is no known game from Bethesda based on this title,” he stressed, in a follow-up later adding: "This is not a real product – we’re sorry for any confusion.:

Whether Bethesda is working on a Game of Thrones title, that could still be the case. Bethesda told IGN in 2016 it was developing two significant projects before jumping back to more Elder Scrolls, but it wouldn’t get more detailed than that.

But if Bethesda is doing so, Target isn’t aware of it. And that URL isn’t an accidental leak.

Henderson wouldn’t comment about how that page was created, but it’s worth noting how sparse it is compared to a similar case – when a new Lord of the Rings video game was revealed by the Bullseye.

In that case, the game’s page showed tons of product detail. This Game of Thrones link doesn’t have anything, not even a spot for an eventual case image or layout showing where info could be filled in.

That immediately raised some red flags about its legitimacy.

This Redditor also points out anyone can make what looks like a fake landing page by entering certain language into a URL. 

Henderson said Target will update the GoT/Bethesda URL to make it clear there is no such product.

If you're really itching to play a Game of Thrones game, one already exists from the studio Telltale Games. But it's not that grand open world people are clamoring for, if the response to the false Target page is any indication.

By the way, if someone could get going on an open-world Harry Potter game, that’d be great. Thanks.

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