Mayor of Robbinsdale has a theory about the dead monkey at Dayton's

The mayor says his dad might have something to do with the monkey.
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There's a new explanation for the mystery of the mummified monkey in Minneapolis. 

The dead monkey, likely decaying in the rafters of the old Dayton's/Macy's building in downtown Minneapolis for decades before it was found by a remodeling crew recently, might be connected to the Mayor of Robbinsdale, Minnesota, Regan Murphy. 

"My dad once stole a monkey from a Dayton’s display back in the 60s," Murphy said in a tweet. "They decided to bring it back after it shat all over my Dad’s friends bedroom while they were at school. They returned it by letting it loose in the store. This is probably that monkey."


Very old corpse of a monkey found in the old Dayton's building

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Murphy later tweeted that it's a true story, and it's gotta be because who in their right mind would keep a pet monkey that takes a shat in the bedroom? 

As hilarious as the mayor's story is, it's probably not the same monkey.

The more believable story is one told by a former worker in the building, who claims a monkey escaped from its cage in the 1960s, got lost in the vents and eventually fell victim to a fan blade. 

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