Meet Feisty Bitch, the new wine collection from Minnesota

That's not very Minnesota nice... but the wine is.

Feisty Bitch is trying to make wine less scary.

It's the latest collection from Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls – a 50-minute drive south of the Twin Cities – and includes three wines made with mostly Minnesota-grown grapes: Feisty Red, Feisty White and Feisty Rosé.

The goal with Feisty Bitch is to appeal to a new crowd of wine drinkers – the ones who think wine is snooty, and feel they're too intimidated to try it. 

The people behind Feisty Bitch say wine shouldn't be scary, it should be fun and approachable, and that's what they're trying to do.

As winemaker Sam Jennings put it when GoMN visited the winery and vineyard in May, he's not a snob. When he goes home he doesn't drink wine. He drinks a beer – and it's usually a Keystone Light. 

And Jennings' lack of snobbery transfers to the easy-to-drink wine – and it's pretty cheap at $16.50 a bottle.

I tried – and rated – the wines. Read more about how they taste here

Cannon River Winery is growing

Cannon River Winery got a new majority owner last fall, and he's making some pretty big changes. 

That includes ditching most of the grandma-themed wines (literally, they were named after grandmas) in favor of what those same grandmas may call a risqué option with the new Feisty Bitch collection.

The winery and tasting room will grow by 20,000 square feet within the next year, including adding a full-service kitchen and patio – plus more space to make wine. 

Cannon Falls also began adding another 20 acres of vines to the vineyard. That equals about 60,000 bottles of wine, Jennings estimated.

These additions are a long time coming, Jennings said, noting they're selling about 10,000 cases of wine a year, which is almost triple the production of what the winery is currently designed to do. 

The fall harvest is coming up

Every year, Cannon River Winery invites people to the fall harvest – and it sounds like a blast. 

You go out into the vineyard to pick grapes and learn about the harvest, then enjoy a catered meal overlooking the vineyard – and get the chance to taste some wine, obviously. 

Then you'll head back to the winery to get an inside look at the grape-crushing process. 

It's $25 a person, and will be held on weekends starting Sept. 9. For more information click here.

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