MegaBots vs. Kuratas fight: Rewatch the Giant Robot Duel

It was kind of slow-paced – but still, giant fighting robots.

The duel has been described as not living up to expectations, and "as choreographed as a WWE match" – but at the end of the day, two giant mech warriors fought each other, and it was decently entertaining.

Team USA, represented by MegaBots Inc, went robo-toe to robo-toe with Japan's Kuratas mech in a lengthy match on Twitch Tuesday night. 

The 26-minute fight can be watched here:

It's kind of slow-paced, and pretty ridiculous. (Why don't the robots run away when they're getting beaten with a melee attack?) But if you're super into it, you can watch the full, two-hour broadcast with interviews and such on MegaBots' Twitch channel.

The original story from Tuesday afternoon is below.

MegaBots vs. Kuratas fight: How to watch a stream of the Giant Robot Duel

Millions of people will be glued to their screens Tuesday night to watch a chainsaw-wielding robot known as Eagle Prime fight the gatling gun-equipped mech Kuratas.

Yes this is real. And no, you don't have to pay to watch it.

The Giant Robot Duel, as it's being called, is a long time coming. 

On one side is America company MegaBots, whose Eagle Prime was souped up thanks to a $500,000 crowdfunding campaign. On the other is Kuratas, built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries in Japan.

A key piece in the MegaBots vs. Kuratas robot fight comes from Minnesota

On Tuesday night, the two companies will pit their futuristic creations against each other in a battle to the ... not quite death, but technological debilitation.

You can watch the Giant Robot Duel livestream here via Twitch, or embedded below. It starts at 9 p.m. central time.

Note that this isn't happening live. The battle was recorded back in August, and edited down for this stream – but the results have been kept under wraps.

How this came about

The origins of this duel go back to 2015, when MegaBots finished building the USA's first giant piloted mech, the company's website says. They wanted to set up a fight – so called out the only other known piloted battle mech in the world.

That was Kuratas, built by Suidobashi. Suidobashi agreed on one condition – melee attacks had to be included.

"Just building something huge and sticking guns on it. It's Super American ... If we're going to win this, I want to punch them to scrap and knock them down to do it," said Suidobashi's Kogoro Kurata, according to MegaBots, in what may be one of the greatest quotes of all time.

So MegaBots took to KickStarter to raise money to better equip the Mk. II. They brought in more than $550,000, and honestly, the entire thing sounds like something from a video game:

The fighters

Eagle Prime is 15 feet tall, weighs 12,000 pounds, and is equipped with serious weaponry: it's able to fire 3-pound paint balls over 130 mph, and features an assortment of swappable weapons including a chainsaw, grappling hook, and drill, according to Quartz.

Kuratas, we know less about. It's 13 feet tall and weighs about 9,000 pounds, News Atlas reports, with Gatling BB cannons that can fire 6,000 rounds in a minute, and another weapon akin to a water cannon.

Both machines are piloted by people inside cockpits in the mechs.

The duel went down over the course of two weeks in Japan, and went on for multiple rounds. Each team got to repair and refit components during the breaks, MegaBots said on KickStarter.

Nobody was allowed to watch because safety is kind of an issue (if you couldn't tell based on the weapon descriptions), and the duel went until one mech was knocked out.

DigitalTrends says don't expect fast-paced action – the bots are fairly slow. Which makes it sound like something between Pacific Rim and BattleBots.

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