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Meow! The Wildcat Sanctuary needs help naming these bobcats

They need strong names that reinforce their wild nature.

Can you come up with a good name for a furry carnivore twice as big as the average house cat? Make that two furry carnivores.

The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone needs help naming two bobcats they recently rescued.

One of the bobcats was scorched in a barn fire in Iowa when he was only 4 weeks old. The fire left his right damaged and burned his mouth, paws, and belly.

Now at 2 years old, his damaged eye weeps and has light sensitivity, and the sanctuary says he couldn’t be released back into the wild "due to the long ongoing care, injury, and living with surrogate domestic cats."

The sanctuary has agreed to be his home for life.

The other bobcat comes from 2,000 miles away, where a family had taken him in and raised him until he bit one of the owners. Because he already imprinted on humans and had been living with domestic cats, surviving alone in the wild wasn't an option.

He was turned over to authorities to be put down. Thankfully, someone contacted the sanctuary.

The sanctuary says each of the cats will get an exam, vaccinations and neuter in the coming week. Then, they’ll get to know each other through several play dates, in hopes they’ll become companions.

“We help those that should be wild, but sadly can’t," the sanctuary says. “We can give them the next best thing – a natural place to live wild at heart, and happy.”

They added that the two new rescues need "strong names that reinforce their wild nature." Click here to submit name suggestions through March 17.

You can also make a donation to the sanctuary here. From now through April 30, any gift you give will be doubled (up to $50,000).

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