Mike Tyson has arrived and his commercials for Friday's fights are just terrible

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We're pretty sure that the Mike Tyson whom just landed at the Minneapolis airport isn't the same one that famously said he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis' children, but we thought we'd warn you anyway.

While this version of Tyson has allegedly mellowed and become more of a performer/entertainer/promoter, it's good to see his enthusiasm for what he is doing hasn't waned.

Here's one of the commercials for the fights his company, Iron Mike Productions, is putting on at the Target Center tomorrow night.

That 20-second spot isn't all that bad, though the version shown at Target Center will make you a little uneasy with all of Tyson's flailing arm movements and jump-off-the-screen energy.

At the very least, that first promo is much better than this one, in which Tyson is clearly reading directly off cue cards and has a tough time pronouncing Osseo native Caleb Truax's name.

The camera is just a bit north of where you're looking Mike.

Well, regardless of the shoddy nature of the promotion leading up to the Ossie Duran-Truax undercard followed by Argenis Mendez taking on Rancis Barthelemy at Target Center, the bouts will open ESPN's Friday Night Fights 2014 season, and Tyson will be there for all to see.

Heck, for 250 bucks, you can meet the champ if you have a braver soul than we do.

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