Minneapolis boy with rare illness is looking for his lost Eeyore

Let's help him find it.
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A 10-year-old south Minneapolis boy with a rare genetic disorder has lost his best friend, and his mom has taken to social media to find him.

Kari Ihle posted on Facebook last week that her son William lost his Eeyore toy somewhere during his spring break travels.

"This Eeyore has been William’s best friend and partner through countless MRI’s, PET scan, dr’s appointments, hospital stays, ER visits and was even with him in the operating room during his brain surgery," she wrote.


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William suffers from the rare genetic disorder tuberous sclerosis, which causes the growth of numerous, noncancerous tumors in different parts of the body, in turn causing significant health problems, the Mayo Clinic notes.

Eeyore has been with him through thick and thin, Ihle writes, saying: "He is more than a stuffed animal to William, he is comfort for every scary crappy thing he has fought since he was 18 months old."

Her post has been shared more than 400 times, so let's get the word out further.

Places she's suggested he may have been lost include at MSP Airport, as well as Dallas Fort-Worth and Phoenix Airports. They flew with American and Delta.

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