Minneapolis comedian makes heartwarming video for newborn son

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A teddy bear comes to life and eagerly awaits the arrival of his new best friend in a heartwarming stop-motion video made by a Minneapolis comedian.

Chris Knutson and his wife, Aimee, decided to make a video, which is titled "Teddy bear meets best friend," for their son when they first found out they were going to have a baby.

In the video, which is reminiscent of "Toy Story," the teddy bear celebrates after seeing a plus sign on a home pregnancy test, then dances after watching the crib get put together and stares out the window as the Knutsons bring their son home.

But the final scenes couldn't be filmed until the Knutsons brought their son, Henry, home from the hospital.

"Part of the fun was waiting for our final actor," said Chris Knutson about his son, who was born in mid-April, the Pioneer Press reports. It took him 60 to 80 hours to make the video, according to the Associated Press.

The video closes with the bear snuggling up next to Henry in the crib.

The video hasn't gone viral – yet. The 90-second video has been viewed more than 46,000 times on YouTube since being posted on June 12, but it's already being talked about in national media outlets.

The blog 22 Words, which finds and shares fun and inspirational goodies from the Internet, called the video a "cute and genuinely impressive movie" in a post on June 13. The Pioneer Press did a story on the video on June 19, and then the Associated Press picked up the story over the weekend.

"We made it just for Henry and I was a little nervous about posting it at all," Chris Knutson told the Pioneer Pres. "But I couldn't help it because I was pretty proud of it and wanted others to see it. Surprisingly, people like it."

Good news for those who enjoyed the video – the Knutsons plan to make more as their son grows up.

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