Minneapolis ranked among top '10 Best Cities for Movie Lovers'


If you live in Minneapolis, chances are you're a big movie fan, too -- at least according to a new list published by the real estate blog Movoto.

The city is ranked No. 6 on the blog's "10 Best Cities for Movie Lovers" list because of a "high number of video rentals, movie theaters and indie theaters in particular."

Portland, Ore., is No. 1 on the list, followed by San Francisco, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Pittsburgh.

Following Minneapolis at No. 6 on the list are Rochester, N.Y., Orlando, Fla., Seattle and Cincinnati.

Several areas of criteria were examined by Movoto to come up with the list, including the number of movie theaters, indie theaters and video stores per capita, the number of film festivals, film/cinema museums, film societies and drive-in theaters.

Bonus points were awarded by the blog for the number of specialty theaters per capita as well.

Surprisingly, the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles, was nowhere to be found in the top 10, or even the top 20.

LA, along with New York and Chicago, however, made Campus Corner's list of "Top Ten College Towns for Film Geeks." Minneapolis didn't make the cut on this one, however.

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