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Minneapolis says viral post showing chicken in dirty cafe sink is a fake

The footage has been debunked by the Minneapolis health department.

You might have come across a Facebook post the past few days accusing a Minneapolis cafe of keeping chicken wings it serves customers in a basement mop sink. Turns out, it's bogus.

The post, which you can see below, has been shared more than 8,400 times, attracted more than 2,700 comments and features video footage of a chicken-filled sink purportedly in the basement of the Olympic Cafe that has been viewed almost 900,000 times.

It was uploaded by Patricia Kunjan on Monday, who in her post said she's been working at the cafe for seven years and was fired for taking video footage of what she claims she found in the basement of the cafe, which has two locations on West Broadway Avenue in north Minneapolis.

In the post, she encourages people to "stop supporting OLYMPICS cafe" [sic].

However, her story has been debunked by the City of Minneapolis Health Department.

In response to another Facebook post, the city said: "The Minneapolis Health Department inspected the business based on allegations made in the social media post. The inspectors concluded that the images were not taken at the restaurant."

GoMN has reached out to Olympic Cafe for comment, but judging by the recent, 1-star reviews on the cafe's Facebook location page, there are some who have been affected by the footage.

"Just seen the video. Glad ive [sic] never eaten here before! I'll make sure and stay away from mop sink chicken," one reviewer wrote.

CityPages reports it has attempted to contact Kunyan but has yet to hear back.


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