Minnesota 10th most valuable contributor to music in country, list says


Bob Dylan and Prince are two of the Minnesota natives responsible for a prominent spot on a new list ranking individual state's contributions to popular music.

The list, released by the music news site Complex.com, ranked Minnesota at No 10. The site's analysis of the state's two greatest musical icons -- Dylan and Prince -- even argues for a higher ranking given their invaluable imprint on the music world.

"If we were judging solely based on the impact that a state's greatest native sons have had on American music (as opposed to taking into consideration broader, more abstract criteria like overall atmosphere, movements, scenes, etc.), there is a strong argument to be made for placing little ol' polite, unassuming, very, very cold Minnesota right up at the very top of this list," Complex notes.

The site also noted that a writer for the music site Awl.com was "bold enough, or stupid enough" to do just that.

Several other Minnesota-born artists were listed in Complex's summary of Minnesota's music, including The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum and The Time.

Pitting Dylan against Prince, Complex said the folk musician from Hibbing was Minnesota's most famous musical son.

Complex ranked New York as the most valuable contributor in the country for popular music, followed by California, Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. Coming in ahead of Minnesota for the rest of the top 10 were Mississippi, Michigan, Texas and Illinois, respectively.

The Star Tribune points out that several iconic performers from Minnesota were not taken into account for the Complex list, including Judy Garland, the Andrews Sisters, Eddie Cochran, the Suburbs and the Trashmen.

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