Love on the radio: Minnesota DJs plan April wedding


Radio host Falen Bonsett says she was not immediately smitten with another radio host who goes by the name "Meatsauce."

"Paul [Lambert] isn't my traditional guy. I'm not into sports," Bonsett tells the Pioneer Press in a story about the high-profile couple. "The guys I've dated have been rocker-looking kind of guys. He was different. I thought he was a total weirdo, but he was funny."

Also, for the record, she doesn't call him Meatsauce. "He's Paul to me."

KFAN's "The Power Trip" host Lambert, 31, fell for Bonsett, 29, cohost of KDWB's "The Dave Ryan Show," a lot faster. "It was one of the first times I saw her," he told the Pioneer Press. "There was something about her. She was wearing this Beastie Boys T-shirt and I was like, she's sweet. There's something there."

He also liked the way Bonsett was a loudmouth like him, he says. "I was like, wait a minute, there're two of us? There's somebody else like me? It was immediate."

Bonsett, last year dubbed one of the hottest hosts in U.S. radio, also tells the newspaper the story of their engagement, which did not come as a surprise to her. "Paul can't keep secrets."

The two plan an April 19 wedding at Aria in Minneapolis. Want to see more of the happy duo? Minnesota Bride has photos of the couple, including some of some wacky engagement announcement shots, here. And here's Bonsett's wedding planning blog. The two talked wedding details with MSP Magazine last month.

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