Minnesota entrepreneurs leap from state fair to HGTV reality series


A couple of pals who run a "turkey to go" booth at the Minnesota State Fair are ready to make the leap into reality television. But there will be no talking turkey.

In fact, as the Pioneer Press reports, "Renovate to Rent" on HGTV will have nothing so fowl as greased-up grub. Drew Levin and Danny Perkins, both 30, are landlords in regular old life. Together they will team up as an "investing duo as they hunt for investment properties in the Twin Cities, renovate their purchases and then attempt to rent them out for top dollar," Amy Carlson Gustafson writes.

Sounds fun. Just like real life.

"We have real tenants that we're dealing with that are coming in, trying to rent these properties," Levin says. "So, we're operating a real business."

But they obviously know what they're doing, as the PiPress notes that the two have the exclusive license for Turkey to Go outside the Fair and have expanded the business to include a food truck, two skyway stores (one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul) and two kiosks at Target Field. And, hey, they were even named the Minnesota Young Entrepreneurs of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The show debuts June 11.

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