Minnesota hip hop collective Doomtree tunes up for 'Last Blowout Ever'


Doomtree, the Minneapolis-based hip hop collective whose members include local music stars Dessa, Sims and P.O.S., is calling their sold-out Saturday night show at First Avenue the group's "grand finale."

The seven-member group is not disbanding or retiring, but this marks the tenth and final year for the group's legendary yearly Blowout, the annual December run of Doomtree live shows. This year, as City Pages noted, there were 10 events in eight days between December 6 and 13 and, as the Pioneer Press added, all of the events for Blowout X were sold out.

The Star Tribune said it was a "long, wild week" that began with a show at St. Paul's Turf Club, followed by a collaboration with Surly Brewing on Sunday where a new custom Doomtree beer was unveiled. That was followed by a Monday performance at Icehouse, an all-ages set at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis on Tuesday and a Wednesday show at the Varsity in Dinkytown. The group's final performances Friday and Saturday are at First Avenue.

On Friday, the group also performed live on The Current in Minnesota Public Radio's Forum studio.

A portion of Blowout sales will be donated to various charities, including the Southside Family Nurturing Center, Animal Humane Society, Hope Community Center, Domestic Abuse Project, and Kicker Project.

Doomtree’s new album is expected in late January, with a tour to follow.

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