Minnesota liquor store gets hype for its 'Pit of Misery' message to Nick Foles

A message to the Eagles QB ahead of the Vikings' championship game in Philadelphia.

If you were needing a sign that Bud Light's latest advertising campaign has truly entered national consciousness, this is it.

Burnsville liquor store, Crosstown Liquor, has a bit of a viral hit on its hands with its latest message for prospective customers.

"Nick Foles to the Pit of Misery," the sign says outside its West Burnsville Parkway store, referring to the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback in their NFC Championship game against the Vikes.

On the other side it reads: "Dilly Dilly we're going to Philly."

While the post on Crosstown Liquor's own Facebook page didn't attract huge amounts of attention, it became a minor hit on Twitter Thursday morning.

That's because it came to the attention of ESPN, which tweeted the picture to its 34 million followers, generating plenty of reaction.

The sign references, obviously, Bud Light's popular commercial campaign that has effectively become like an advertising ear-worm.

References to "Dilly Dilly" and the "Pit of Misery" are becoming a staple in football memes, which is exactly what Budweiser wants considering it's one of the major sponsors of Super Bowl LII.

It has been aided by clever viral marketing like the stunt seen at Modist Brewing in Minneapolis, where Bud Light sent a town crier to issue a cease and desist after the craft brewer launched a limited edition beer called the "Dilly Dilly."

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