Minnesota native Brianna Brown proud to return for Twin Cities Film Fest


This year's Twin Cities Film Fest has a definite hometown feel to it -- not only for the 20 locally-produced films that will be be unveiled -- but for some Minnesota actors and filmmakers who live in Los Angeles who are coming home for the annual 10-day event in St. Louis Park.

Among them are Brianna Brown and Kurt David Anderson, who both star in the wonderfully funny and touching comedy romance "Screwed," which premieres at the TCFF Saturday night.

Brown, whose numerous credits include "General Hospital" and "Devious Maids," is from Apple Valley, while Anderson ("Big Love," "Rules of Engagement") hails from Cottage Grove.

"Kurt and I went to St. Olaf together. We did a play my freshman year and his senior year in college and became buds, " Brown told me in an interview Friday. "After I went out to LA, he came out the year after and reached out to me. We've had a great friendship for many, many years."

"Screwed" is produced by and stars Anderson as Will, a comic book geek who is about to propose to his girlfriend, Jen (Brown), until he shockingly finds out that she's cheating on him because he can't satisfy her sexually. But when a fantastical event makes him irresistible to all women for 30 days, Will thinks he's on the path to winning Jen back.

But in the midst of his um-hmm, extra-curricular activities, Will falls in love with Emma (Julie McNiven), a down-to-earth animal boarder who is no doubt his perfect match. The problem is, he's committed to having intimate relations with many different women as part of his virility training, putting the couple's blossoming relationship in jeopardy.

"I kind of love the fact that it's a guy who has an issue in bed," Brown says, laughing. "He needs to learn a few things. He needs to learn how to please a woman and become a better lover. He needs to do that by listening and learning. You don't ever see movies about that issue, and there's probably some truth to it. I'm just saying."

The great thing about "Screwed" is that it's an already funny comedy that morphs into an inventive film with a very unusual superhero-type of twist before it takes a sweet, unpredictable turn. Will is essentially the superhero of the film while Jen is the super-villain, a part that Brown reveled in.

"When you initially read a script, you look for moments where you want to stay engaged. I've read scripts where the red flags definitely go up," Brown recalls. "But with 'Screwed,' there were definitely moments that were laugh-out-loud hilarious. I love the fact that I got to play the bitchy nemesis. I thought to myself, 'This is worth doing.'"

Minnesotans who can't catch "Screwed" at the Twin Cities Film Festival luckily won't have to wait long to see it in the comforts of their own home. In a Twitter message, Anderson told me the film is set for a digital and video-on-demand release on Nov. 5, and then will come out on DVD Dec. 10.

As for future projects, Brown -- who was a cast regular on "Devious Maids" this year -- told me that she'll be back next season in more of a guest capacity.

In the meantime, the proud-to-be-from-Minnesota actress has another project in the works, but can't quite share details about it just yet.

"I'm up for something right now that would be really phenomenal," Brown says. "So fingers crossed and prayers that it works out."

Bring Me The News film critic Tim Lammers is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and annually votes on the Critics Choice Movie Awards. Locally, he reviews films on “KARE 11 News at 11." As a feature writer, Tim has interviewed well over 1,000 major actors and filmmakers throughout his career and his work is syndicated nationwide.

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