Minnesota native wins contest to remake 'SportsCenter' jingle


Austin, Minnesota native Trace Bundy was named the winner of a competition to recreate ESPN "SportsCenter's" famous theme song.

Bundy, a singer-songwriter who plays the acoustic guitar, was one of eight musicians asked to re-create the “Da da da – da da da” ditty as part of the "SportsCenter" Fan Jam competition, which was voted on by fans on "SportsCenter's" Facebook page.

Bundy was announced as the winner Tuesday morning. He was flown to ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut where he performed as the house band during the show.

Bundy, who now lives in Boulder, Colorado, has been a professional musician for about 10 years, the Austin Daily Herald reports. He got his first guitar at age 12 when he and his brother “went halvsies” on a $10 purchase, ESPN reports.

In 1989, composer John Colby created the original version of the beloved little theme song, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s classic,” Bundy told the Daily Herald. “Through the years it’s changed and meandered, but still stayed true to that main melody."

While several of the entries took a more aggressive approach to remaking the song, the Daily Herald says, Bundy went at the song in his own way, staying true to what he does best.

"I tried to meld older and newer versions, but still keep the ‘da, da, da, DA, DA, DA’ but play in a unique style," Bundy told the Daily Herald.

Check out Bundy's performance on SportsCenter here:

Watch Bundy's original rendition:

You can watch the other contestants renditions on ESPN’s YouTube page by clicking here.

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