Minnesota photographer brings joy to people with terminally ill pets

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A Minneapolis-based photographer is touching hearts with a special service for people whose pets are nearing the end of their lives, NBC's Today.com reports.

Sarah Enrhart, who owns Sarah Beth Photography, got the idea for what she calls a "Joy Sessions" after she photographed a terminally ill woman who relied on her black Labrador service dog named Joy, Today says.

As a result, Ernhart came up with the idea to photograph terminally ill pets with their owners to capture the bonds they share.

Ernhart, who has done more than 100 of the photo sessions since 2010, says the business is "getting bigger and bigger."

She has been a professional photographer since 2006.

In an effort to help people around the world, Ernhart compiled a directory on her photographers who shoot "Joy Sessions" on her website.

Word of the article has also spread around the world, too, as her story has been picked up by the Daily Mail in the U.K.

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