Minnesota Power workers rescue loon found stranded on land

Loons are pretty worthless if they're on land.

A loon had to be rescued from a bridge at Minnesota Power center because the birds are pretty useless if they're on land.

The loon became stranded at the Boswell Energy Center near Grand Rapids, so when Jeff Janacek and Dan Henrickson heard the loon's mate calling, they jumped into action, a spokesperson for Minnesota Power told GoMN.

They "covered the loon with a jacket and safely returned it to the water and its waiting mate," Kelley Eldien of Minnesota Power told GoMN.

Loons can't fly if they're on land

Eldien said the loon mistakenly landed on the bridge at energy center, and it wasn't able to get back to the water.

That's because loons' legs are located on the back of their bodies – not underneath them – making them nearly immobile on land, so they can't really walk or take-off if they aren't in the water, the Michigan DNR says.

So if you ever see a loon that's stranded on land but doesn't have an obvious injury, wildlife officials suggest gently capturing the bird and releasing it in a large body of water (if the water is too small, the bird can't take off either – they need a lot of space), the Pioneer Press reported.

This video shows the loon's struggle on land:

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